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Scottish Selection

Our cheeseboard includes some of Scotland's finest, complete with tasting notes. This selection is packaged in our Cheddar Deli bag or white cartons with straw for protection. Other items can be added to complement your selection.

  • Corra Linn 250g – Flavours are lightly floral and brothy, with savoury notes of roast lamb. Corra Linn has feathery, slightly grainy textured paste. (Lanarkshire, Scotland – sheep's milk – pasteurised)
  • Isle of Mull Cheddar 250g- A hearty Scottish Cheddar with a firm, fondant-like texture that tends to be slightly more compact than the other Cheddars. Flavours range from juicy and zesty to boozy and deeply savoury. (Near Tobermory, Isle of Mull, Scotland - cow's milk - unpasteurised)
  • Blue Murder 250g- The cheese has a delightfully rustic appearance and a bold, strong, steely flavour, due to the rich milk taken from a herd of Holstein Fresian cows, who roam freely in luscious Highland grass filled fields.  (Tain, Scotland – cow's  milk – pasteurised - vegetarian)
  • Black Crowdie 100g- This soft cream cheese has a slightly sour, tangy milky flavour followed by a good kick of spicy pepper. (Highlands, Scotland - cow's milk – pasteurised – vegetarian)

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