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Bloors Kettle Cooked Ham (200g). Cooked using the authentic, traditional method of cooking in open water. The still water seals the ham as they are delicately simmered, giving them a superb taste and texture profile.

Delicatessen Fine Eating Milano Salame (80g). Made with finely minced pork,garlic and red wine, Milano is cured for four months and when cut exhibits its rice grain texture. A rich aroma with a delicate flavour.

Taleggio (200g). A smear-ripened cheese washed with seawater once a week. The cheese has a strong smell, but its taste is relatively mild with an unusual fruity tang.

Rouzaire Brie De Meaux (160g). A soft cow's milk cheese covered with a bloomy rind with a milk & rich taste underlined by sweet & buttery flavours of mushrooms and almonds.

Barber's 1833 Vintage Reserve Cheddar (190g). Always matured for a minimum of two years to provide a cheddar that is powerfully intense and complex with an exceptional depth of flavour.

Clemency Hall Blue Stilton (250g). Made traditionally with milk from the Vale of Belvoir. Particularly creamy and robust blue flavour.
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