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Ultimate British Cheese Selection Box

Our Ultimate British Cheese Selection Box contains six great individual cheeses perfect for your cheeseboard. This selection will not fail to impress. 
Our cheeseboard comes packaged in our white cartons with straw for protection.  For our deliveries, frozen ice-gel packs are used to preserve the cheeses temperatures.

If you would like this cheese selection to be a gift, please tick the Gift Box.  An additional charge of £3.95 will be added to the initial cheese selection cost. 

If you would like to add Hawkshead Red Onion Marmalade to this hamper, please tick the Red Onion Marmalade box.  An additional charge of £2.75 will be added.

  • Minger – A controversial named cheese, with a few stockists objecting to the name. When a cheese is this good, it doesn't matter what it is called. Minger is a soft washed rind cheese with a pungent aroma that you'd expect from this type of cheese. The texture is soft and silky with a satisfying ooze when the cheese is cut, giving way to a strong, yet not aggressive flavour. (Tain,Scotland - cow's milk – pasteurised - vegetarian)
  • Black Bomber Extra Mature Cheddar - Creamy & smooth extra mature Cheddar loved for its depth of flavour. This cheese marries a delicious rich flavour with a smooth creaminess. (Wales – cows’ milk - pasteurised - vegetarian)
  • Driftwood - Intensely rich, smooth and creamy developing to a full flavoured, tangy finish. This goat's cheese has a mild citrus flavour, with a silky smooth texture and is formed into an ash coated log. (England – goat's milk – unpasteurised )
  • Dol-Las - This soft blue has a creamy flavour, a delicate texture with a clean taste that will appeal to a vast audience of cheese lovers. Wales. (Wales - ewe's milk – pasteurised – vegetarian)
  • Perl Las - Perl Las is handmade & has local sea salt rubbed on the rind which gives a subtler saltiness than you may find with blue cheese in general. The flavours are gentle & refined yet satisfying with a subtle sweetness with a light golden paste. (Wales – cows’ milk – pasteurised - vegetarian)
  • Bagborough Brie - While still typically creamy, this Brie is a little richer than ones that you might be accustomed to. It has an extra level of sweetness – natural sweet hay from the use of Guernsey milk. Buttery, mild and umptuous. (England - cow’s milk – pasteurised - vegetarian)

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