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Belazu Balsamic Vinegar of Modena - 250g

Balsamic Vinegar of Modena - 250ml
A blend of 1.35 and 1.17 balsamic vinegar that walks the perfect line between sweet and acidic.

Made only from cooked grape must and red wine vinegar, this Balsamic Vinegar IGP is a blend of our sticky sweet 1.34 density balsamic vinegar and its tangier little cousin, 1.17. It is more fluid than the 1.34, but still sticky and sweet with a bold acidity on the finish.

Density is crucial to understanding balsamic - it is the most reliable indicator of texture and flavour. For example, 1.34 (which means it is 34% thicker than water) is the highest density balsamic can go before the residual sugars from the grape must begin to crystallise. As a rule of thumb, as the density gets lower, the acidity on the palate increases. A huge part of the craftsmanship is knowing how to scoop the right amounts from the right barrels to mix together so they can deliver a consistent flavour and density in the final product, time after time, year on year.

Use it for finishing plates
Incorporate into meat and fish dishes

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