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A handpicked selection of 4 Artisan and Farmhouse cheeses with descriptions and a box of crackers.

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Our Cheese Selection is packaged in our white boxes for delivery with paper straw for protection and frozen ice-gel packs to preserve the cheeses temperatures.



  • BLACK BOMBER - WALES– COWS’ MILK – PASTEURISED - VEGETARIAN. Where Cheddars are concerned, this multi-award winning Little Black Bomber is a modern classic. Creamy & smooth extra mature Cheddar loved for its depth of flavour. This cheese marries a delicious rich flavour with a smooth creaminess, lasting long on the palate but remaining demandingly moreish! Black Bomber has won awards at The Great British Cheese Awards, Nantwich International Cheese Awards, the World Cheese Awards and a Super Gold at Mondial Fromage in France.
  • DORSET BLUE VINNY - ENGLAND– COWS’ MILK – PASTEURISED - VEGETARIAN. Made on Woodbridge Farm in the heart of Dorset using milk from the farms own Friesian cows, Dorset Blue is a unique British Blue. Traditionally made using the milk left-over after the cream had been removed to make butter, Dorset Blue Vinny is lower in fat as a result. It has a texture and taste similar to Stilton, although the former is perhaps slightly crumblier and the taste a little stronger. Dorset Blue Vinny is made using pasteurised milk and vegetarian rennet.
  • MOTHAIS SUR FEUILLE VILLAGEOIS - FRANCE – GOAT’S MILK – UNPASTEURISED. Mothais is a French goat’s cheese named after the town of Mothe-Saint-Héray where the cheese has been made and sold since the 19th century. In 2002, the cheese was awarded an AOC designation to protect the quality standards. During the maturity period, it is covered in a protective chestnut, sycamore or plane leaf coating. The cheese has a soft, runny texture that becomes dense as it ages. The unique combination of earthy, lemony and mould flavours of the leaf become intense as the cheese matures. On the surface, the rind of the cheese is delicate and wrinkled with blue and green mould underneath.
  • LE DELICE AUX TRUFFLE - FRANCE– COW’S MILK – PASTEURISED. This is a special decadently rich cheese that hails from Burgundy. It is made using milk that is enriched with crème frâiche and then filled with a mixture of mascarpone and truffles. The fluffy white rind allows the cheese to develop its characteristic rich flavour. When young, the delicate interior is firm like butter and has a fresh creamy flavour. As it matures, the texture will resemble thick cream and the flavour develops more savoury notes. The flavour of the truffles combined with the rich luxurious texture is a real winner for any occasion.
  • BASKET CRUNCHY NETTLE THINS - The crunchy nettle thins are exceptionally nutritious. This herb plant is necessary for a healthy diet because it is exceptionally rich in proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, carotene and pantothenic acid.

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