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A handpicked selection of 4 Artisan and Farmhouse cheeses with descriptions and a box of crackers.

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Our monthly selection is ready in the first full week of each month.

Each selection can be picked up in the shop or next day chilled delivery is available throughout the UK.

Our Cheese Selection is packaged in our white boxes for delivery with paper straw for protection and frozen ice-gel packs to preserve the cheeses temperatures.



  • TAIN CHEDDAR - SCOTLAND – COW’S MILK – UNPASTEURISED. Made by Highland Fine Cheese - Artisan Cheeses from the Highlands of Scotland. Passionately created in Tain, Highland Fine Cheeses came to life on Blarliath Farm – amounting to some 80 acres running along the coast of the Dornoch Firth and to the west of Tain. This is a traditional cheddar that is double cloth bound and left to mature beyond a year. At full ripeness, nutty slightly sweet with a very long finish.
    Meaning "sweet" in Italian, Gorgonzola "Dolce" is a soft, blue, buttery cheese. The cheese took its name from a small town in Lombardy near Milan, where it said to have been born in the 12th century. It has a white or pale yellow, buttery and melty paste speckled with a homogeneous distribution of blue coloured veins. The rind is compact, rough, hard and grey/pinkish in colour but not edible. Flavours are not very assertive but sweet, mild with notes of sour cream and lactic tang.
  • ROUDOUX - PERIGORD, FRANCE – GOAT’S MILK – UNPASTEURISED. Roudoux is a farmstead cheese, made with goat’s milk from the Saanen breed of goat. It is recognized by its round shape and creamy texture but especially by its orangey-red rind washed with annotto. The rind’s soft feel inspired the name in French: Doux meaning soft, Roux meaning red thus Roudoux (the soft red one).
  • LOU BREN - AVEYRON, FRANCE – SHEEP’S MILK – UNPASTEURISED. This semi hard cheese has a natural washed burnt sienna/orange rind, with a smooth, somewhat sticky texture. The pate is delicate and fruity-tasting, with aromatic earthy aromas and a sharp burnt caramel aftertaste. The cheese is produced in very small quantities by artisan cheesemakers, using very traditional methods, varying during the season, hence the rather rustic appearance of the cheese and the range of flavour throughout the year.
  • MILLER’S DAMSELS – BUTTERMILK WAFERS. Hand baked wafers made from unbleached English flour, buttermilk and butter churned in England. Tangy and creamy wafers. Hexagonal wafers made with buttermilk and butter churned in England.

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