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Our £10 offer for Saturday 19th January

  • KALTBACH ALPINE CREAMY- SWITZERLAND – pasteurised cow’s milk, vegetarian. A firm pressed, smooth, Swiss mountain cheese made using the finest Swiss cream and fresh cows milk. Semi-firm in texture, the thick brushed rind cheese is matured in the humid, cool temperatures of the Kaltbach sandstone caves for around 4-5 months, which results in a rich, slightly nutty, full melt-in-the-mouth flavour.

  • VIGNOTE - FRANCE – pasteurised cow’s milk. Vignotte is a high fat, triple cream French cheese. Due to the extra cream added during production, this process gives the cheese a powdery white bloomy skin and an intensely creamy, light, rich, buttery texture. It has a slightly lemony taste making it perfect for grilling.

  • BLEU DE CHEVRE - FRANCE – unpasteurised goat’s milk. This is a cheese so authentic, it doesn’t have a fancy name - just Bleu de Chèvre, or Blue Goat’s cheese. The rind is grey, covered with edible ash, the paste is off-white, soft, supple with pockets of blue mould. It has a slight hint of lemony sharpness overcome by creaminess and saltiness of the cheese with hints of pepper and grassy herbs. 

  • SLICED ITALIAN SPECK & SLICED ITALIAN BRESAOLA 100g. Speck - very similar to prosciutto but this meat is smoked. Bresaola - air-dried, salted beef, aged two or three months until becoming dark red. It is made from top round, and is lean and tender, with a sweet, musty smell.

  • CELTIC BAKERY ORGANIC CIABATTA 400g. With a pearly, open crumb and a springy texture, this classic Italian bread never goes out of fashion.


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