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Charles Martell & Sons Ltd Poireau - 50cl

Charles Martell & Sons Ltd Poireau - England - 20% - 50cl

Poireau Pressed Perry Pears Steeped in Vintage Pear Spirit - Special Addition

Poireau - A French name which marks the long association of the Martell family with northwest France and the west of England. A French dictionary will tell you that poireau means a leek. But in vernacular French it means pear spirit which is ‘cut’ with pressed perry pears.

It is deceptively simple in its make-up yet it has probably the most complex flavours. It contains only the product of vintage pears which grow on the farm and absolutely nothing else. There are not many alcoholic drinks on the market which can make that claim today. The spirit is bottled in the distillery at cask strength of about 20% ABV. 

This is a ‘straight from the bottle’ drink which needs no mixing. Chill it a little in summer and take it at ambient temperature during the winter.

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