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Christmas British Ultimate Selection

Last local delivery is Friday 17th Dec. Last nationwide delivery dispatch date is Monday 20th Dec.

Our Christmas British Ultimate cheese board with tasting notes - individual hard, soft, goat, blue, washed rind and triple cream cheeses.

  • BLACK BOMBER 200g - An award-winning extra mature Cheddar loved for its immense depth of flavour and smooth, creamy texture. (England – cow’s milk - pasteurised - vegetarian)
  • DRIFTWOOD 250g - This ash coated goats cheese log has a geotrichum rind and a soft, creamy texture. With citrus notes and earthy undertones. (England – goat's milk – unpasteurized - vegetarian)
  • BURT’S BLUE 200g – This cheese has a creamy taste with subtle tangy notes from its blue veins and a slightly salty finish. It can have a faint aroma of mushrooms. (England - cow’s milk – pasteurised)
  • BAGBOROUGH BRIE 200g - creamy, this Brie is a little richer than ones that you might be accustomed to. It has an extra level of sweetness from the use of Guernsey milk. Buttery, mild and umptuous. (England - cow’s milk – pasteurised - vegetarian)
  • GOLDEN CENARTH 200g – a soft, rind-washed cheese. The cheese is washed with cider, which helps to give it a pungent, savoury flavour with nutty overtones, and a springy but smooth texture. (Wales - cow's milk - pasteurised - vegetarian - organic)
  • BIX 200g – a triple cream cheese. Extra cream is added to the milk before making this cheese, ensuring it has a rich, delectable flavour and smooth texture. (England - cow’s milk – pasteurised - organic)

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