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Saturday 18th August:

  • COASTAL CHEDDAR - ENGLAND - pasteurised cows’ milk, vegetarian. Coastal is a unique tasting cheddar aged for up to 15 months to give it a deliciously sweet, distinctive flavour. The naturally formed calcium crystals found are a sign of age & show that it has reached its optimum maturity.

  • REBLOCHON - FRANCE – unpasteurised cows’ milk. Reblochon is a semi-soft, washed-rind & smear-ripened mountain cheese. It is a slightly pressed, uncooked cheese featuring a fine velvety rind, varying from yellow to orange in colour. The close textured pate is very smooth, supple & ivory in colour with a slight scent of the cellar & a mild fruity taste with an intense nutty aftertaste.

  • DANISH BLUE - DENMARK - pasteurised cows’ milk, vegetarian. Danish Blue is a semi-soft blue veined cheese with a creamy and crumbly texture. In eight to twelve months, it matures with a yellowish edible rind. It is sharp and salty in taste.

  • SLICED ITALIAN SMOKED TURKEY & CORNISH CHORIZO 100g (Smoked turkey - Turkey that has been cured and flavoured and smoked. Chorizo: made using prime cuts from their home-reared Cornish Lop herd - spiced and enhanced with classic additions of pepper and paprika. The sausages are then lightly smoked and left to mature).

  • CELTIC BAKERY ORGANIC CIABATTA 300(Mouth watering - with a pearly, open crumb and a springy texture, this is a classic Italian bread).

  • BELAZU OVEN SEMI-DRIED TOMATOES 100(Tomatoes, semi-dried and preserved in oil with oregano and garlic).

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