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Renegade Monk - 220g

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Renegade Monk

Renegade Monk is made from organic, pasteurised cows’ milk, and this was our first. The set curd is then hand-washed in ale every few days as the cheese matures. Maturation takes no more than four weeks.

As an artisan cheese, Renegade Monk can naturally vary in consistency and temperament. When the cheese is firmer, the rind tends to be darker but the interior is milder on the palate; when the cheese is soft – and it can be encouraged into liquidity – the rind is pale with a scatter of blue, with a pungent, almost goaty inner core.

Winner of Gold at the World Cheese Awards 2019-2020, Supreme Champion at the Virtual Cheese Awards 2020 and Great Taste Award 2018

England - cow's milk - pasteurised - vegetarian - organic 

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