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Saturday 24th June contains:

  • ST.NECTAIRE - FRANCE - unpasteurised cows’ milk. A semi-soft cheese with a dimpled russet rind, speckled with grey velvety moulds. The pate is soft and golden and the aroma reminiscent of earthy wild mushrooms. Matured on straw mats in the traditional style, this cheese has a huge range of flavours – depending on age – from light and milky to rich and minerally, with undertones of snap peas.

  • NABABBO - ITALY – pasteurised goats’ milk. Nababbo is similar in style to Taleggio except that it is made with goat’s milk and made in a brick format as opposed to the distinctive Taleggio square. Throughout the aging process, the wheels are washed a few times a week to create the peachy-pink rind. Nababbo is meaty but it is superbly balanced with the tart yogurt-y tang from the pasteurized goat’s milk. The rind is thin. The paste is supple and pliable and incredibly rich, with a subtly sour flavour.

  • SHARPHAM RUSTIC - ENGLAND – unpasteurised cows’ milk, vegetarian. Sharpham Rustic is semi-hard cheese, matured for approximately 6-8 weeks, giving a light-flavoured cheese with a moist, creamy texture. A thin, natural white rind forms during the maturation process. Rich, unpasteurised Jersey cows' milk is used to create this fresh and buttery cheese.

  • Sliced Italian Prosciutto 100g
  • Organic Ciabatta 400g
  • Fresh Italian Style Sorrento Olives 200g
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