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Saturday 17th November:

  • MAASDAM - HOLLAND – pasteurised cow’s milk. The most characteristic feature is its ‘eyes’ (holes) that make up most of the cheese. The outside shell of the cheese has smooth, waxed yellow or naturally polished rind similar to Gouda. Inside the pate is a semi-firm, pale yellow with big eyes. It has a creamy texture and a sweet, buttery, nutty taste with a fruity background.
  • CENARTH BRIE - WALES – pasteurised cow’s milk, vegetarian. This traditional French style Brie from Caws Cenarth has a distinctive and well-rounded mushroomy flavour which grows with age. It has a creamy white interior synonymous with a classic Brie, along with a delightfully gooey centre. This Brie is made on Glyneithinog Farm in Carmarthenshire by Carwyn Adams and his family.
  • PERL LAS - WALES – organic, pasteurised cow’s milk, vegetarian. All Perl Las is hand made and has local sea salt rubbed on the rind which gives a subtler saltiness than you may find with blue cheese in general. This is a good introductory cheese for those who aren't keen on blue cheese as the flavours are gentle and refined, yet satisfying with a subtle sweetness.
  • SLICED CORNISH SALAMI & CHORIZO STYLE SALAMI 100g. (Salami: made to an Italian recipe, the meat is enhanced with herbs and spices before being gently smoked over beech chippings. Chorizo: Prepared in the traditional way, classic additions of pepper and paprika are added).
  • CELTIC BAKERY ORGANIC CIABATTA 400g (With a pearly, open crumb and a springy texture, this classic Italian bread never goes out of fashion).
  • THEE OLIVE TREE BASILICO GREEK OLIVES 100g (Greek green mammoth olives with fresh basilico & garlic).

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