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The perfect way to celebrate Burns Night.  Suppers can range from an informal gathering of friends to a huge formal dinner involving much pomp and circumstance. Whatever the affair, this superb cheese board is the ideal way to round off a celebration. Our cheeseboard includes some of Scotland's finest, complete with tasting notes.

Our cheeseboard comes packaged in our white cartons with straw for protection.  For our deliveries, frozen ice-gel packs are used to preserve the cheeses temperatures.

If you would like this cheese selection to be a gift, please tick the Gift Hamper box.  An additional charge of £3.95 will be added to the initial cheese selection cost. 

  • 4 Ewes 150g – Made in Tain in the Scottish Highland, this hard fine cheese has wonderful sweet and caramely flavours. (Highlands, Scotland – sheeps’ milk – pasteurised - vegetarian)
  • Old Smokey 150g - A mature cheddar which has been smoked over oak chips. It is rich but mellow with a sharp, nutty flavour (Orkney Isles, Scotland - cows' milk - pasteurised - vegetarian).
  • Isle of Mull Blue 150g - This blue cheese is made with milk from Fresian breed with traditional animal rennet.  It is semi-hard and is strong and creamy in flavour.  (Tobermory, Scotland – cows’  milk – unpasteurised)
  • Black Crowdie 150g - This soft cream cheese has a slightly sour, tangy milky flavour followed by a good kick of spicy pepper. (Highlands, Scotland -cows’ milk – pasteurised – vegetarian)
  • Macleans Oatcakes - A rough textured wheat free oatcake, with a blend of two different types of oats. The different texture without the wheat makes it ideal for use with all cheeses. A small dusting of paprika will leave a lasting impression on even the most discerning of guests.

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