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Six Nations Cheese Selection Box

Enjoy the rugby with our Six Nations Cheese Selection Box. Taste the best of every country as you cheer on your home team!  

Selection boxes are packaged in our white cartons with straw for protection.  For our deliveries, frozen ice-gel packs are used to preserve the cheeses temperatures.

If you would like this cheese selection to be a gift, please tick the Gift Box.  An additional charge of £3.95 will be added to the initial cheese selection cost. 

  • England : Montgomery Cheddar (200g) –  a traditional, handmade, unpasteurised Somerset cheddar, matured for 12 months wrapped in muslin cloth on wooden shelves and has deep, rich, nutty flavours.  (Cows’ milk – unpasteurised)
  • Ireland : Cashel Blue (200g) - a medium-flavoured blue with a melt in the mouth creaminess, this cheese is less salty than the majority of blues. Ireland's most famous cheese. (Cows’ milk – pasteurised - vegetarian)
  • Scotland : Dunsyre Blue (200g) - A mould ripened, handmade cheese with chunky blue-green moulds intercepting the smooth, creamy coloured interior. Slightly rich, a little salty, sweet, sharp and spicy. (Cows’ milk – unpasteurised)
  • Wales : Gorwydd Caerphilly (200g) - Gorwydd Caerphilly is a traditional cheese, matured for two months in order to achieve a beautiful earthy rind, a creamy breakdown and a lemony crumbly centre. (Cows’ milk – unpasteurised)
  • France : Langres (200g) – Quite small and unassuming but packing a punch of complex flavours. It is washed continually in brine and anatto to give it a distinctive orangey/ brown rind.  (Cows' milk - unpasteurised)
  • Italy : Taleggio (200g) Creamy, supple texture, thin pinkish rind and an unusual yeasty flavour (Cows' milk - pasteurised)

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