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Spanish Box

This selection is packaged in our white cartons with straw for protection.

  • Manchego - this cheese has been aged between twelve & eighteen months, when the texture becomes grittier and fruiter and the colour of the pate darkens. During maturation, the cheeses are rubbed in olive oil, imbuing the pate with a delicate spiciness. Full-bodied texture and flavours intense, zesty taste and a crumbly texture that's rich, full and slightly salty at the finish.
  • Picos de Europa - Wrapped in sycamore leaves from the neighboring forests, this cheese is primarily cow's milk; however, during spring and summer (or whenever there is a surplus) a small amount of goat's milk is added. This results in sharper cheeses with higher levels of acidity. Rich and creamy with well scattered blue moulds and a tangy taste not dissimilar to Roquefort.
  • Gordal Olives - Large pot - Gordal means the 'Fat One' in Spanish - it is a table olive with profuse juiciness, but not bitter - it has an almost citrus-like taste on the palette. 
  • Membrillo - Made from the pulp of our favourite quince fruit, this thick, sweet jelly provides the perfect counterpoint to all sorts of cheeses.
  • Marineiras Crackers - Crunchy Savoury Biscuits from Galicia
  • Dominio de Requena Tinto (Bobal 2018 - 12.5%)

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